Content marketing. You’ve heard of it and know you should be doing it. But are you?

As a chiropractor, you should. And there are many reasons why.

Keep in mind that content marketing isn’t about selling anything per se. It’s about creating an audience to market to by providing information to your audience when they are looking for it.

It’s about sharing your voice and engaging with an audience. And, it’s about differentiating yourself from all the other chiropractors out there.

Those are reasons enough to invest time and money in content marketing. But if you need more, here they are.

5 reasons you need content marketing

1. Content marketing costs on average about 62% less than traditional, outbound marketing (like TV, radio or newspaper ads) and yields more than 3X as many leads.

2. Content marketing lets you control the conversation. You can educate and inform your audience with the information you know they are looking for…at the time they are looking for it.

3. Content marketing helps establish and amplify you and your brand. By providing consistent, quality content, you are establishing yourself as a brand expert, and when your reader is ready to buy, you’ll be top of mind.

4. Content provides fodder for your social media channels, and by providing valuable and timely content, you will grow your fans and followers base.

5. Content marketing is good for Google. Google likes websites that are relevant and active. Google also likes websites that have new content added to them. Content such as blog posts and case studies can be added to you website on a regular basis, which indicates to Google that your website is active and relevant.

Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time, resources and patience. If you are a chiropractor who believes in content marketing, but are lacking the time and resources to do it yourself, there are solutions. Click here for information about a resource that can help you.

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